Sezin Öner, PhD

Assistant Professor in Psychology

Kadir Has University

Istanbul - Turkey 

Short Bio

I obtained my B.A. degree in Psychology from Boğaziçi University and had my M.A. degree in Clinical Psychology. After working in counselling services for a year, I was back at research!


I completed my PhD in cognitive psychology at Koç University, with my dissertation, focusing broadly on the individual differences in autobiographical remembering. 

Currently, my research focus on “Why do we remember?  and “Why do we forget?” , the functional aspects of remembering and how these functions vary across individuals.


Nowadays, I am also passionate about how public events are remembered and have been conducting annual surveys about the public event memories in Turkey.

Artwork by Ana Cabrera Grohs,

“Memories From Ostende”


Research Methods in Psychology 


Clinical Psychology

Information Processing in Psychopathology

Physiological Psychology

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